How to Donate Old Computer Parts to Charities in NY?

Answer If you have recently upgraded your computer equipment, you may have some retired equipment on your hands. Instead of letting your old computer parts sit around to collect dust, donate them to loca... Read More »

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Where can i donate computer parts?

Dozens of places will take your unwanted computers and computer parts. National retailers, such as Best Buy and Dell, usually accept unwanted computer parts. However, you should also check the U.S.... Read More »

How to Donate to Foreign Charities?

According to the National Committee on Planned Giving, American donations to foreign charities are steadily increasing in the new millennium. Donations from U.S. residents to foreign charities are ... Read More »

How to Donate to Charities Wisely?

Donating to a charity is a noble cause, but it is only a smart decision to give your money if it's done wisely. There are many bogus organizations pretending to be legitimate charity organizations,... Read More »

Charities Who Donate to Canadian Causes?

According to the Canadian Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development, about 80,000 charities are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. While many of these charitable organizations wo... Read More »