How to Document Employee Performance?

Answer If you are in charge of others, documentation is one communication tool you can use to preserve facts and remove ambiguities. Accurate documentation of performance, good and bad, and of disciplinar... Read More »

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What is an employee performance review?

A well-run, objective and accurate employee performance review ensures mutual understanding of job expectations between employee and employer. This leads to such benefits as enhanced employee motiv... Read More »

Employee Performance Training?

Investing in the workforce of your company is the best way to improve sales and increase profit. Employees who are properly trained become engaged employees. What does this mean for your bottom lin... Read More »

How to Reward Employee Performance?

Employees who feel unappreciated or under-appreciated can suffer from decreased morale, according to columnist, David G. Javitch, Ph.D. To determine the reason for declining morale... Read More »

Causes for Unsatisfactory Employee Performance?

Employees are expected to fulfill their job responsibilities to the best of their abilities. If they are having difficulties with their tasks, they can usually ask their supervisors or colleagues f... Read More »