How to Do the Wild Levitation?

Answer You Levitate With a jacket in front of your body!

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How to Do the Andruzzi Levitation?

The Andruzzi Levitation is possibly the easiest levitation to do after the Balducci Levitation. Here, you will learn exactly how to prepare and perform this trick.

How is levitation done by magicians?

Levitation is the art of suspending an object in the air against the rules of gravity, making the object appear weightless. The most common and performed version of this trick is where magicians le... Read More »

How is the levitation illusion done?

There are a few different methods used in levitation illusions. Each method produces a different result but requires different preparation.AngleAlmost all levitation illusions come down to angles. ... Read More »

Is levitation a myth?

On One Hand: Spontaneous Human Levitation is a MythSpontaneous human levitation appears often in myths and legends from many human cultures. It's even a part of modern "urban legend" and parapsycho... Read More »