How to Do the Who Forgot to Flush Prank?

Answer Ever thought of doing a prank on someone, but could never come up with one? This is an idea.

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Forgot to flush my toilet last night?

It won't hurt in the least. Don't worry about it, if it didn't kill you when it was inside you it won't kill you outside either.

These 2 kids keep prank calling my house, what can I say to prank them back?

Here is what I do when I get prank called. I use a cell phone directory service to look up the number, and find info about the caller.Some of these services are great. They give TONS of info about ... Read More »

I need a good prank to prank my sister?

Fill about 20 or more paper cups up with water, place them next to each other on your victims desk. Then staple them all together, stand back and watch as he/she arrives at work and is clueeless ab... Read More »

Does a heart royal flush beat a spade royal flush?

In poker, a royal flush consists of the following cards in the same suit: ace, king, queen, jack and 10. This combination constitutes the highest possible value in the game and no suit trumps anoth... Read More »