How to Do the West Coast Pop?

Answer If you ever dreamed of preforming like Rey Mysterio, this is what you want to read. Here is all kinds of moves that Mysterio does.

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When a shows comes on the east coast at 900 pm do you watch it on a east coast channel at 600 pm in the west coast are there any east coast channels in the west coast?

well it depends on what side you are on like if you are on the south side than they might say 7 to 8 central you are going to watch 8 o clock because the 7 is on the east side

Which coast sees the Sun first in the morning the east coast or west coast?

What do you think life would be like if the west coast settled first and the US moved from west to east?

Does the east coast change theie clocks like the west coast for daylight savings?

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