How to Do the Take Me out to the Ball Game Magic Trick?

Answer A ball will go through the cups. Watch the magic! This is an illusion where the ball goes through the bottom of the cup.

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What is the site where you trick people with the magic 8 ball and your on the other end giving the answer.?

Here's one you can ask.…

How to Do a Mind Trick Magic Trick?

This magic trick is fun (as in it is more of a joke than a trick) but it's not great if it doesn't work. Practice it well on helpful friends before performing it live.

How to Do a Magic Cup Trick?

This is a trick that is fairly complicated but is achievable with practice and care. This is how to make it seem that a cup has disappeared.

How to Do a Magic Card Trick?

This article will show you how to do a magic card trick.