How to Do the Svengali Wet Tablecloth Trick?

Answer This trick gives the illusion that the spectator's card traveled from the deck to sit underneath the tablecloth.

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How to Do the Svengali What Is Your Name Trick?

In this Svengali deck trick, the spectator finds their card after spelling out their name with the cards.

How to Do the Svengali Blurt out Trick?

A Svengali Deck can be used to perform many different tricks. The Blurt Out trick is a simple beginner's trick where you say the spectator's card while shuffling through the deck.

How to Do the Svengali Signed Card Trick?

Any magician will tell you that a card going to an impossible location is as strong of a trick that you can ever do but it is even stronger if the card is signed.

How to Do the Svengali Backed up Card Trick?

While everyone loves a good magic trick, most people also love to see a magic trick get messed up. The Backed Up Card trick creates the illusion that the magician has messed up the trick, when he h... Read More »