How to Do the Super Kamakaze Bomb in Metroid Fusion?

Answer The Super Kamikaze Bomb is one of the most powerful moves ever. This article has simple instructions, so read on if you have Metroid Fusion, and learn a Powerful Move!(Even though it has Kamikaze i... Read More »

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How to Use Beam Combos in Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 2 Echos?

Super Metroid and Metroid Prime & MP2 Echoes all feature "Beam-Combos". These attacks do massive damage and have special effects on things.

Where is the grappling hook in Super Metroid?

In the Super Nintendo game "Super Metroid," Samus's grappling beam waits in the bottom left corner of the fiery world of Norfair. To reach it, first defeat the Crocomire mini-boss. The grappling be... Read More »

What episode was the super sayin 4 fusion?

How to Make a Super Water Balloon Bomb?

Need a more satisfying explosion? Want to make a water balloon with a huge EXPLOSION! Here's how: