How to Do the Side Kick in Kung Fu?

Answer So, you want to learn how to do the commonly known, Kung Fu side kick? Well, it's easy. This guide should teach you all you need to know to become a Bruce Lee of side kicks.

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How to Do a Side Checking Kick Followed by a Hook Kick in Taekwondo?

This is an EXTREMELY effective technique. It's one of those one-move-knockouts that don't need to be followed by anything else if you're really defending yourself on the street, because its designe... Read More »

How to Do A Side Kick?

Martial arts exhibits a great variety of techniques, be it striking, grappling, or anything that involves deviation of power, from an aggressor to a victim. The side kick, one of the many crucial w... Read More »

How to Perform a Flying Side Kick?

While not very useful in the real world, flying side kicks are fun and look great for demonstration purposes. If performed correctly they can deal insane damage.

How to Break a Board in Taekwondo With a Side Kick?

This article will offer some advice on how to correctly perform a board break with a front leg side kick. It does not, however, replace proper training under a qualified instructor.