How to Do the Shim Sham?

Answer Hey, avid tap dancers out there! This will show you a new cool step . . the shim-sham!

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What is the difference between a standard sham& Euro sham?

Shams cover pillows to tie together a bedding design plan or create visual interest on a plain bed, a couch, bench or armchair. European decorative shams were first used in the mid-19th century.Siz... Read More »

How to Use a Padlock Shim?

Lost the key to the padlock on the shed or a locker? Before you pay a locksmith to let you in or to open something up, consider using a shim on the lock yourself. A shim is a faster alternative tha... Read More »

How to Make a Padlock Shim?

Have you lost the key to a padlock? You could call a locksmith or cut the shackle, but you may be able to quickly and easily open it with a shim, a thin piece of metal that you slide into the locki... Read More »

What is a brake rotor shim?

A brake rotor shim is a very important part for some automobile, motorcycle and bicycle disk brakes. A common fix for many common disk brake problems, the brake rotor shim can affect braking power... Read More »