How to Do the Science Project of Pennies in Liquids?

Answer When pennies oxidize, the shiny copper appearance fades as it is covered in a dull, light green coating. If you are teaching children about chemical reactions and the effects of acid on materials, ... Read More »

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Science Project: Floating a Coin in Different Liquids?

Science projects that incite curiosity and engage students will help them retain valuable lessons. Teach students about density by floating a coin in different types of liquids. Each substance has ... Read More »

A Science Project: Can You Water Plants With Other Liquids?

Watering plants with other liquids poses an interesting platform for an affordable project to explore with scientific methods. Plants require moisture for growth, but they also need other nutrients... Read More »

Science Project With a Boat That Can Hold 100 Pennies?

By building an aluminum-foil ship to float pennies in, students in upper elementary and middle school grades learn about density and mass. This project is a hands on science activity that students ... Read More »

How to Polish Pennies for a Science Fair Project?

Pennies go from shiny copper to dull brown for one reason: oxygen. Polishing copper is easier than polishing other metals -- all you need to do is apply an acidic liquid. This will remove the oxida... Read More »