How to Do the Pokemon Shop Questionnaire?

Answer Have you ever gone to the Poke-mart and clicked on the sheet of paper on the counter? Ever typed in something random not knowing what it was all for? If this is the case, please continue reading fo... Read More »

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If an uninsured car was stolen from the lot of an auto shop is the shop owner liable for any damages?

Answer Yes. This is a classic bailor/bailee situation and the shop was required to protect you car very diligently or pay for any damages incurred. Your insurance if you had it, wouldn't have be... Read More »

When I shop on line, is it true that the sites I shop at could sell my personal information?

Yes, it's common practice. This is how a lot of their money is made. Click on the link below for a complete overview of this.

Questionnaire Methods?

Questionnaires are used by human resources personnel to analyze jobs, understand the traits necessary for performance and create accurate job descriptions. Such documents are usually completed by c... Read More »

How to Administer a Questionnaire?

Surveys and questionnaires are one effective way to gather input and feedback from a large group of people. Questionnaires allow you to reach people with vast backgrounds and can give you an idea o... Read More »