How to Do the Pirouette Catch?

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How to Do a Pirouette?

This is one of the most classic moves in ballet dance. It can be difficult, but with practice and determination, every dancer can learn how to perform a pirouette like a trained ballet dancer.

How to Do an Arabesque Pirouette?

A pirouette is a special type of spin, generally related with ballet. An arabesque is when you raise a leg 90˚ behind you. An arabesque pirouette is a beautiful combination of the two.

How to Do a Jazz Pirouette?

Pirouettes are a type of turn executed on one foot. Originaly found in ballet, pirouttes make an intresting element in a jazz dance. Of course, pirouettes take hard and skillful work. This article ... Read More »

How to Do a Right Leg Double Pirouette?

You can be an accomplished ballet dancer! All it takes is grit and determination.