How to Do the Macarena While Holding a Small Child?

Answer Have you gotten stuck at a party while holding your small child, and your asked to dance the Macarena? Here's how to do it successfully!

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If you get your arm chopped off while holding something, will it still be holding it or will it go limp?

Don't you think you've got more important things to worry about if your arm gets chopped off?

How would you explain to a small child that while her mother wasn't prepared to care for her...?

I'm not sure there really is a 'right' answer, and as you say she won't be 3 forever.For the time being I wouldn't emphasize the fact that her mum is parenting a sibling and not her. I find childr... Read More »

Is holding your breath while pregnant hurt the baby?

I would think that if you, yourself, are not harmed by holding your breathe (meaning, you don't hold it longer than your body can handle without passing out) then your baby shouldn't be either. The... Read More »

Would putting a dvd in the toilet and flushing it while holding on to it fix the skips on the dvd?

yes, also i heard urine recovers scratches.