How to Do the Indoor Raining Confetti Prank?

Answer In this prank, confetti rains on people inside a room. It's hilarious to watch the victim get a confused look on their face wondering where the confetti came from. So if you want to give this prank... Read More »

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Raining Raining! Are you getting any rain in your town/state?

yes as we speak and we will continue to get rain along with thunderstorms throughout the weekend as well

These 2 kids keep prank calling my house, what can I say to prank them back?

Here is what I do when I get prank called. I use a cell phone directory service to look up the number, and find info about the caller.Some of these services are great. They give TONS of info about ... Read More »

Where did confetti come from?

Throwing confetti came from the tradition of throwing grains, including rice, over newlyweds to wish the couple a "fruitful" union. The word confetti has the same roots as confectionery, in Italia... Read More »

When did confetti first appear?

Confetti first appeared in 1891 in France during the Casino de Paris. Someone was taking down the decorations and decided to tear them apart and throw them at party guests the next evening. Guests ... Read More »