How to Do the Empty Bag Trick?

Answer Have you ever wondered how to trick your friends into thinking a bag is empty but then proving it's not? Well here's how!

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How to Use an Empty Purse Trick to Stop Your Children Asking for Toys?

Are your children bugging you constantly for toys when you take them out? Try this method to get them to understand that you cannot buy them, and to teach them a small lesson in delayed gratification.

How to Trick Friends with the 5000 Number Adding Trick?

Trick your friends with some clever adding up–or not so clever as you'll be hoping to trip them up!

How to Do a Mind Trick Magic Trick?

This magic trick is fun (as in it is more of a joke than a trick) but it's not great if it doesn't work. Practice it well on helpful friends before performing it live.

Water and Empty stomach - good for health - why not you drink water in the empty stomach?

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