How to Do the Easiest Research for a Persuasive Speech?

Answer I remember what it was like to be a full time college student with 3 papers due all in the same week. With all the technology and resources available today, finding credible research is really time... Read More »

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Persuasive Speech Topics for a 5-Minute Speech?

While speeches can be nerve-wracking, the persuasive speech is possibly one of the harder types of speeches. Informative speeches simply present information. Persuasive speeches, however, must sway... Read More »

How to Write a Persuasive Speech?

There are lots of things to consider and understand prior to writing a persuasive speech. In order to influence others, you have to understand the subject, and understand the audience's perception ... Read More »

How to Begin a Persuasive Speech?

Begin a persuasive speech to capture your desired response by familiarizing yourself with the audience and the topic's overall purpose. Determine the point you want to get across, which is your the... Read More »

How to Develop Persuasive Speech Topics?

Persuasive speakerFinding a persuasive speech topic itself is not difficult. But to get your listeners to really change their views or to convince them to act upon or to agree with your opinion and... Read More »