How to Do the Derailer Like A Train?

Answer The finisher of A-Train (now known as Giant Bernard) is an awesome move and looks cool when you do it well. This article is based on Trampoline Wrestling or Mattress Wrestling. It is literally a si... Read More »

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I have a set of nathan k3la train horns and i would like to know if i honk back at a train if it is illegal?

Probably not legal in most states. But, it's also up to the individual officer to cite you for it. What is harsh and unreasonable to one may be funny to another. The train crew would probably fi... Read More »

Is it safer to travel by plane or is it more likely the train would crash or the plane HELP?

Dont worry about it, I have been railroading more or less every day since 1973 and I have not been injured yet. You are much much safer on a train than the cab ride to the station. And just for the... Read More »

On a train do you like to sit facing in the direction the train is moving or in the opposite direction?

I like to face to a dicrection where the train is heading unless there is a beautiful girl sitting in the opposite side ;)

How to Train Like a Warrior?

Face it, you're tired of wishing and dreaming you could be a warrior or hero from your video games or TV shows, wielding swords and decapitating their foes, all while gaining experience and loot. W... Read More »