How to Do the 'Death' Breaststroke Kick Drill in Swimming?

Answer If you need to work on your timing in breaststroke, this is a great drill to do. It also helps the flexibility in your back, which will also help with your stroke.

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Rules for the Breaststroke in Swimming?

Of all the swimming strokes used in Olympic or recreational competition, the breaststroke is among the most challenging. Besides its physical complexity, which requires swimmers to be well-practice... Read More »

How to Flutter Kick Away from the Wall in Swimming?

Butterfly kick is the perfect thing to use when starting a race or just coming out of a turn. It is highly effective and all you need to do is look up swimmers like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte t... Read More »

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How to Do a Breaststroke Start?

A Breaststroke start is the first part of each Breaststroke length. With practice, it can propel you about 20 metres. (Which makes it the ideal way to save energy and is much more effective than sw... Read More »