How to Do the David Blaine "See a Card" Card Trick?

Answer Remember when David Blaine took a deck of cards and flipped them, asking you to try and see a card? Then he picked out the card you saw? This article will teach you how to do that trick.

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How to Do a 2 Card Monte Card Trick?

This is a simple trick: the performer gives the spectator a heart (say it is an ace of hearts) face down between the thumb and index finger. The performer then gives the spectator a diamond (the ac... Read More »

How to Levitate Like David Blaine?

This is a very simple way to levitate that will take nothing but your feet and you.

How does David Blaine levitate?

David Blaine is a magician who came to prominence after a 1997 special on network television where he performed a series of what appeared to be impromptu magic tricks. One of the tricks he performe... Read More »

How to Do the First Card Card Trick?

This card trick is simple and convincing if done properly,This is how to the the first card trick.In this trick you will "Magically" make a card materialize on the top.