How to Do the Collapsing Mattress Prank?

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How to Use a Rivet Nut Collapsing Tool?

Rivet nuts have a cylindrical body with a flared head. Inside the cylindrical body are threads for locking a fastener to the rivet nut. A rivet nut tool collapses the cylindrical body of the rivet ... Read More »

How do you know if the universe is collapsing or expanding?

A proper Theory of the Universe is the only way to know. Measurements must be interpreted in the context of a Theory, so measurements themselves like the redshift do not in themselves provide a way... Read More »

Collapsing when standing up quickly?

It is due to orthostatic pressure changes.

These 2 kids keep prank calling my house, what can I say to prank them back?

Here is what I do when I get prank called. I use a cell phone directory service to look up the number, and find info about the caller.Some of these services are great. They give TONS of info about ... Read More »