How to Do the B Scale in Two Octaves on the Alto Sax?

Answer Tackling any new scale can be a daunting task for a musician. Scales with lots of sharps, like the B natural scale, can be difficult. The trick is to start off slowly, taking time to play each note... Read More »

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How many octaves can the human ear hear?

The human ear can hear eight octave bands, which can be further broken down into 24 1/3-octave bands. The sounds heard by the human ear have frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.References:C... Read More »

How many octaves are on a common piano keyboard?

A common, 88-key piano keyboard has a range of seven and one-third octaves. The lowest octave starts with A, and the highest octave ends with C. There are eight notes, or keys, between each octave.... Read More »

In windows excel, Clicking the scale arrow in the Scale to fit group opens which dialoug box?

To answer your test and/or homework assignment, choose "D" (Page Setup), since this is based upon the 2007 version of MS-Excel..

How much would 1 mile of n scale model train scale track cost?

Okay, a mile in N-Scale would be 33 feet. Atlas N-scale Flex Track is $4.25 for 30 inchesSO, 33 feet turned to inches is 369 inches... now divide that by 30 inches and that gives you 13.2 lengths ... Read More »