How to Do an S-Swerve in a Car?

Answer Knowing how to properly execute an S-swerve while driving can help you drive defensively and be able to respond in an instant to something in the road, without over correcting and sending the car o... Read More »

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How to Do an S Swerve in a Car?

The scenario: Driving down the freeway, at night, it is raining so there is reduced traction and visibility on the road. You are traveling at 70MPH and about 100-feet in front of you a large box is... Read More »

How to Swerve a Ball?

Swerving a soccer ball serves some vital roles within the sport. A swerve can add some necessary texture to a pass to make the ball fall in behind a defender but still in front of a goalkeeper. Dur... Read More »

How to Swerve a Soccer Ball?

Usually in soccer,the best thing about the swerve shot is that it gets the goalkeeper in two minds.It is a very useful shot.So here's how you can swerve a soccer ball.

Is it faster to swerve or brake?

On One Hand: Determine the Game's ToneRealistic racing games are not very forgiving of lead-foot drivers. Refusing to use the brake will lead to your vehicle frequently going off the course. Howeve... Read More »