How to Do an Ollie South?

Answer The ollie south is just an ollie but taking your back foot off the board. It is a basic trick after learning the ollie.

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How to Ollie?

What is an ollie, some might ask? An ollie is a fun way to jump with your skateboard still under your control. Any serious skateboarder will tell you that the ollie is the most fundamental of all s... Read More »

How to Ollie to a Manual?

How to do a Ollie to a Manual, if you really love skateboarding you'll keep on going and trying without quitting some times that's what skateboarding is all about.

How to Ollie off a Curb?

A basic street skateboarding technique is Ollie off of curbs. Once you master the Ollie, you can try to Ollie off small objects such as a curb. It's a bit different than doing a regular Ollie and m... Read More »

How to Ollie off a Kicker?

Ever see Tony Hawk, Bob B, Andy Mcdonald, or Ryan Sheckler kill half-pipes, quater-pipes, kickers, and fly boxes? Well, now you can do the same, in a lil' time. So continue reading and in a few yea... Read More »