How to Do an Indy on Heelys?

Answer A good trick to do in a skating competition or to show off to your friends.

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How to Do a 180 on Heelys?

Something strange happened to the skateboard, a genius figured out how to cross it with a pair of sneakers. Enter Heelys. It's a fun little sneaker with a wheel in the heel. Strutting your stuff do... Read More »

How to Do a 360 on Heelys?

Doing a 360 is simple with enough practice. The following instructions will help you to learn how.

Are heelys bad for you?

On One Hand: Orthopedic InjuriesAccording to studies, Heelys can be dangerous and bad for you. The American Academy of Pediatrics posted a publication saying that in a study of a "10-week period, 6... Read More »

How to Kickswitch on Heelys?

Kickswitching is an advanced technique to gain speed on Heelys. Heelys are shoes with wheels in the heels - the modern equivalent of skates.