How to Do an Assemble in Classical Ballet?

Answer Assemble (pronounced: en son blay), is a move in classical ballet which means to 'assemble'. It includes a jump in the air in which your two feet meet together in the air, meaning you 'assemble the... Read More »

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How has the classical ballet tutu changed?

Although many people consider the tutu to be a costume that has been worn by ballerinas since the invention of ballet in the seventeenth century, the first version of this ballerina skirt was not i... Read More »

Classical Russian Ballet Styles?

Classical ballet stresses technical form and line and restricts emotional content. Classical ballet follows a number of different styles. Among the most common are the Cecchetti, or Italian, techni... Read More »

What channel is Rudolph the classical on classical on direct tv on?

What is a classical guitar?

A classical guitar is a type of acoustic guitar. The strings are nylon, although the lower strings may be wrapped in metal, and the strings are plucked with the fingers instead of a pick. The body ... Read More »