How to Do an Arabesque Pirouette?

Answer A pirouette is a special type of spin, generally related with ballet. An arabesque is when you raise a leg 90˚ behind you. An arabesque pirouette is a beautiful combination of the two.

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Why Are There No Humans in Arabesque Art?

Arabesque art is "an art of intricate, repetitive and symmetrical patterns of intertwined lines," according to the Spain Then and Now website. Arabesque works typically are from one of two forms. T... Read More »

How to Do an Arabesque With Supported Leg?

This article would benefit from step-by-step photos. You can help wikiHow by adding photos to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice added on 2007-12-11.This move is done like a traditio... Read More »

How to Improve Your Arabesque?

All ballet dancers know it is not easy improving your arabesque. It requires a flexible back and strong legs, but can be achieved with the proper technique.

How to Do a Pirouette?

This is one of the most classic moves in ballet dance. It can be difficult, but with practice and determination, every dancer can learn how to perform a pirouette like a trained ballet dancer.