How to Do an Alley Oop?

Answer Someone dunking the ball after receiving an alley oop.The alley oop is the most electrifying offensive play in basketball. It is one of the most difficult plays to execute because of all the elemen... Read More »

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How to Alley-Oop to Self in NBA 2K7?

NBA 2K7 is a basketball title available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems. In the game, your players can perform a variety of wild dunks and special moves. If you want to perform a self Al... Read More »

How to Pass an Alley-Oop?

The alley-oop is a two man play in basketball that consists of one player tossing the ball into the air near the basket where the second player, leaping up to catch the ball mid-flight, places it i... Read More »

How do you do an alley-oop on ESPN nba 2k5?

That's easy you just have to hold x and circle then press L1 when your player is in the middle of the foul line.

NBA Ballers: How to Do an Alley-Oop?

NBA Ballers, a sports game released by Midway for the Xbox and PS2, emphasizes a street style of basketball. In the game, players can perform spectacular dunks and flashy moves--in order to score b... Read More »