How to Do an 8-Ball Break?

Answer Eight ball represents one of the most popular variations in billiards. In the game, one player tries to make all the striped balls and one player tries to pocket all the solids. To win the game, yo... Read More »

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How to Break in a Ball Cap?

The baseball cap contains athletic fashion appeal and a functional design that protects your eyes from sunlight. The cap is a popular piece of headwear, and when properly broken in, it forms a perf... Read More »

How to Sink the 8 Ball on the Break?

In some variations, sinking the 8 ball on the break will immediately win you the game. In other variations, it will not work to your advantage. This article is written for the former.

Can a Bad Axel Cause a Ball Joint to Break?

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How to Power Break an Eight Ball Rack?

Do you play a lot of billiards, but worry about breaking an eight-ball rack? If so, then this will teach you a powerful eight ball break, with the potential for getting you another shot after the b... Read More »