How to Do a Windows XP "Repair Install"?

Answer Repairing XP is easy, it takes approximately 20 - 40 Mins depending on what processor you have in your computer. It replaces every file on XP with a fresh one. It does not cause loss of data.

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How to Repair an Install of Windows 7?

Like Windows Vista, Windows 7 has a startup repair feature that helps you fix the operating system if the computer isn't starting up properly. Startup problems can be caused by infections, user err... Read More »

I need to repair install on Windows 7 but I don't have a installation disk?

you should first make a backup of your operating system, they should have told you this at the shop when you first bought it...goto start menu > accessories > system tools and look for recovery man... Read More »

Can I use a Windows XP Service Pack 2 install disc for repair?

A Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation disc can be used to repair or reinstall the Windows XP Service Pack 2 program. The installation disc cannot be used to repair or reinstall the Wi... Read More »

How to Use the Windows Recovery Disk to Repair Startup on Windows Vista?

The startup volume holds the necessary files to launch the Windows Vista operating system on your computer. If they become damaged due to a virus infection or hardware error, it may be necessary to... Read More »