How to Do a Water Shotgun?

Answer A water shotgun is a trick done using both hands and some water. It would come handy if you want to prank someone. It's supposed to fire a big and strong splash of water as far as 18 feet, just wit... Read More »

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Is AA-12 shotgun the most powerful shotgun?

How to Shoot a Shotgun?

Can you use this?The steps required to become proficient (and safe) with a shotgun in your hands.Before you do anything else, remember "Rule 1": safety! Guns (especially shotguns) are very powerful... Read More »

DIY Shotgun Bluing?

Gun bluing puts a fine layer of oxidation on the outside of the shotgun's exposed metal and prevents rust formation. In the past, dipping the metal parts into a solution of caustic chemicals heated... Read More »

How to Maintain a Shotgun?

Properly maintaining a shotgun is an obvious step for any gun owner, but when the shotgun is your personal or home defense weapon, it is absolutely necessary! Improperly maintained, or unmaintained... Read More »