How to Do a Water Shotgun?

Answer A water shotgun is a trick done using both hands and some water. It would come handy if you want to prank someone. It's supposed to fire a big and strong splash of water as far as 18 feet, just wit... Read More »

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How to Maintain a Shotgun?

Properly maintaining a shotgun is an obvious step for any gun owner, but when the shotgun is your personal or home defense weapon, it is absolutely necessary! Improperly maintained, or unmaintained... Read More »

How to Clean an Old Shotgun?

Firearms require frequent maintenance in order to keep them working properly. Since a gun likely is not being fired on a regular basis, the individual parts can seize up and not function correctly ... Read More »

How to Play Shotgun?

This passenger seat could be yours!You're walking to the car with your brother. You can't wait to plop down in that passenger seat, which also provides all access to the radio, both cupholders, and... Read More »