How to Do a Wall Run in Parkour?

Answer The Wall Run or pop vault is used to overcome obstacles which are simply too high to vault using a speed vault. Basically the wall run is used to gain height to allow a vault over the top of the ob... Read More »

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How to Do a Tic Tac 270 Wall Climb in Parkour?

So you've learned how to run up and over a wall. A variation of that move is the Tic Tac 270, where instead of going over the wall straight ahead, you climb the one perpendicular to it. Here's how ... Read More »

How to Perform an Advanced Wall Climb in Parkour?

The wall climb is used to overcome high walls (2-3m) in parkour. The correct application of the technique will allow you to climb these walls quickly and efficiently.

How to Do a Tic Tac in Parkour?

A Tic-Tac is a very useful move in Parkour/FreeRunning when an obstacle beside a wall is in the way of your destination. It looks like the person is springing off the wall and over the obstacle.

How to Parkour?

Basically, Parkour is a natural method to train the human body to be able to move forward quickly making use of the environment that's around us at any given time. This 'art of displacement' requir... Read More »