How to Do a Two-Step Inequalities With Fractions in Them?

Answer Many two-step inequalities contain fractions in them, either as a constant on one side of the inequality, as a coefficient multiplied by the variable or both. Solve these inequalities as you would ... Read More »

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How to Solve Inequalities With Fractions on Both Sides?

Inequalities describe relationships between numbers and variables by indicating that one side of an equation is more or less than the other. The rules for solving inequalities are the same as those... Read More »

Step-by-Step Rules for Adding Fractions?

Adding fractions is a basic math skill that pops up in everday life, and is found in classes from elementary school to college. A fraction consists of a top number, or numerator, and a bottom numbe... Read More »

Step by Step Instructions on Math Fractions?

Fractions cause anxiety for many students regardless of age or math level. It's understandable; forget just one of the many steps -- even if it's the simplest -- and you get a missed point for the ... Read More »

How to Graph One-Step Inequalities?

In Algebra, you will become familiar with one-step inequalities and graphing one-step inequalities for the first time. Graphing one-step inequalities is largely a matter of treating the inequality ... Read More »