How to Do a Tuneup on a Toyota Corolla 95?

Answer The 1995 Toyota Corolla was part of the company's compact line of vehicles and was known for its engine efficiency and durability. Following a scheduled maintenance program will help the vehicle to... Read More »

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What is a Toyota Corolla LE?

A Toyota Corolla LE is the "luxury" trim of the best-selling compact car, named so because it has some features that are usually found in luxury vehicles. As of March 2010, the current model is the... Read More »

How many kW does a Toyota Corolla RXi have?

The Toyota Corolla RXi model operates at a maximum power output of 154.0 brake horsepower (bhp), sometimes referred to as British horsepower, and 114.8 kilowatts. This level of output occurs at 7,8... Read More »

How to Service a Toyota Corolla?

The Toyota Corolla has a specific service schedule that must be adhered to in order to maintain your factory warranty, and to ensure the vehicle lasts as long as possible. Two common services that ... Read More »

How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Toyota Corolla?

Toyota Corolla vehicle owners may change the oil pan in their vehicles when damage happens to it. The oil pan for the Corolla is slightly different depending on the model year of the vehicle, as is... Read More »