How to Do a Tri-hawk Mohawk?

Answer Mohawks are an eye-catching and funky way to style your hair. With the use of hair gel and a comb, you can achieve a tri-hawk mohawk that stays in place for the entirety of your day. You must have ... Read More »

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How big is a red-tailed hawk?

Red-tailed hawks are one of the largest---and the most common---of all hawks in the U.S. The male is about 20 inches long, with a 46-inch wingspan, and weighs between two and four pounds. Females a... Read More »

Can a hawk get rabies?

A hawk is a bird, and it cannot get rabies because it is not a mammal. Any type of mammal, including a human being, is capable of getting rabies and spreading it. But certain types of mammals are m... Read More »

How to Cut a Faux Hawk?

The faux hawk is an innovation on the Mohawk hairstyle. While a Mohawk changes abruptly from a shaved head to a strip of hair in the center of the head, a faux hawk makes a smoother transition betw... Read More »

How to Catch a Hawk?

Catching a hawk may seem pretty daunting at first, but don't worry. It's exhilarating if you actually manage to catch one. From my days of being a city hawk catcher, I know what I'm talking about. ... Read More »