How to Do a Tri-hawk Mohawk?

Answer Mohawks are an eye-catching and funky way to style your hair. With the use of hair gel and a comb, you can achieve a tri-hawk mohawk that stays in place for the entirety of your day. You must have ... Read More »

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Can a hawk get rabies?

A hawk is a bird, and it cannot get rabies because it is not a mammal. Any type of mammal, including a human being, is capable of getting rabies and spreading it. But certain types of mammals are m... Read More »

I Need Help Identifying a Hawk?

When you spot what you think may be a species of hawk in North America, consider various aspects of the bird to make it easier to identify what type it is. In most instances, you will not see hawks... Read More »

How big is a red-tailed hawk?

Red-tailed hawks are one of the largest---and the most common---of all hawks in the U.S. The male is about 20 inches long, with a 46-inch wingspan, and weighs between two and four pounds. Females a... Read More »

Hawk Topics?

Hawks are small or medium-sized avian raptors. They hunt mainly small mammals, but also some smaller birds and reptiles. Topics related to these birds vary and may include aspects of their biology,... Read More »