How to Do a Teflon Coating on a Car?

Answer A Teflon coating on a car will protect the car's painted surface. It helps guard against scratches and other damages a car can undergo being outside all the time. The Teflon coating is popular on c... Read More »

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What is teflon coating?

Teflon, the brand name for a polymer coating developed by DuPont, not only covers countless pots and pans as a non-stick surface but also serves a variety of industrial applications.Chemical Makeup... Read More »

How to Apply a Teflon Coating?

Teflon coatings are used to give your car's paint job a clear but strong protective finish. The Teflon coating helps repel water and prevent dirt from adhering to the surface of the paint. This pro... Read More »

Teflon Coating for New Activa - Good or Bad?

Teflon coating is used for any new vehicle not old. It is optional thing. It protect paint from fed up and also protect from scratches. So no need to worry. Now it's your choice.

What is a Teflon coating on cars?

Auto Teflon coating is a form of polymer applied to a vehicle's paint to prevent tree sap, bugs and the like from damaging or sticking to it. In addition, the Teflon coating minimizes the need to w... Read More »