How to Do a Tactical Quickdraw With a Pistol?

Answer Relaxed PositionLearn how to tactical quick-draw effectively. Most gun fights are very unexpected, and thus the quick-draw is a skill which should be perfected. Here is the correct tactical techniq... Read More »

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What color are the night sights on the xd-9 tactical pistol?

The night sights on an xd-9 are white. The Springfield Armory XD 9 tactical pistol has a polymer frame and features fixed, white, three-dot sights that lend well to the natural pointability of this... Read More »

Where can you buy pistol grips for a Kimel Model 5000 pistol?

The Kimel firearms company is out of business, so your best bet is online. Either or try Numrich Arms.

How to Remove the Collet Off the Crank of a Quickdraw Engine?

After clocking numerous hours and distances with your RC boat, you may need to repair or replace part of the Quickdraw engine. In some cases, the tapered design of the collet can cause it to cling ... Read More »

Do you need a pistol permit for a flintlock pistol in FL?

Please define "permit". Do you mean to own, or to carry concealed? Good questions give good answers.