How to Do a System Restore on 98 if I Don't Have the Disk?

Answer Repair your computer's operating system by performing a System Restore within Windows 98, without any need for an installation disc. You can run System Restore from the hard drive's recovery partit... Read More »

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How to Use System Restore With a Bootable Disk?

A bootable disk is a CD, DVD or floppy disk (depending on how old your computer is) that can be used to start your computer in the event that your operating system is malfunctioning or has crashed ... Read More »

How to Restore Your Operating System Without a Disk?

While a full operating system restoration requires an installation disk, you can nevertheless perform a partial System Restore on your Windows XP, Vista or 7 computer system without a disk at all. ... Read More »

My laptop which is just 6month's old used to system restore but the last 3times i have tried it won't restore?

Although we could go back and forth gathering details required to resolve your issue, I noticed one key piece of information...your laptop is ONLY 6 months old.Even if you did not purchase an exten... Read More »

How do i add a printer when i dont have a disk?

You can download any hp product driver directly from