How to Do a Surface Dive?

Answer Diving down towards the bottom of a pool (or other body of water) doesn't have to involve diving boards or even getting out of the water! This article explains how to do a surface dive, which is a ... Read More »

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How can I fuse points on surface of an object with 3D image of the reconstructed surface of the same object?

See the guide here:…

What is the difference between hard non-porous surface and soft non-porous surface?

I was curious as to the exact definition of these porous and nonporous because every time I picked up a cleaning supply it would always mention something about whether the product could be used on ... Read More »

Why are tiles with rough surface safer than tiles with smooth surface?

Think about it. If the tiles are wet, then you are going to have more grip if it is rough then when it's smooth so you won't slip and break something as easily.

How to Do an Inward Dive?

Are you a fan of diving? After you have been diving for a while, your coach or whoever is teaching you may try and teach you an inward dive. These dives are simple for some, but for others, are eas... Read More »