How to Do a Super Kick?

Answer A super kick is what is used by the infamous Shawn Michaels and Alex Shelly.

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How to Do a Side Checking Kick Followed by a Hook Kick in Taekwondo?

This is an EXTREMELY effective technique. It's one of those one-move-knockouts that don't need to be followed by anything else if you're really defending yourself on the street, because its designe... Read More »

How to Kick a Great Goal Kick (Soccer)?

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How to Kick Harder in Kick Boxing?

So you want to have more power behind your kick well now you can.

How to Do an L Kick/Nike Kick?

I’ve noticed that a lot of beginners want to learn L kicks orNike I made this. First of all, L kicks aren 't that hard. It just takes practice to hold them. You only need to hold the... Read More »