How to Do a Stealth Attack from Below?

Answer If you are bored with normal stealth attacks, or if you are cornered and need to get creative, here are some ways to be creative in the art of stealth

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How to Do a Stealth Attack from Above?

Ninja!If you want to perform a stealth attack from above when playing "I want to attack/fall on/snipe, from third floor of a dormitory, people who I only know a little bit, for absolutely no logica... Read More »

Which attack warning signal means attack by ground force is imminent or in progress?

My husband recently had a very major heart attack. As he was alone when the attack occured, he didn't get to?

there are several factors, if he went to a good hospital and has a good doctor and is willing to make the changes in his lifestyle the doctor will tell him to, then pretty good. my grandmother actu... Read More »

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