How to Do a Standing Back Flip from the Ground?

Answer Standing Back FlipThe Standing back flip is a tool that should be in everyone’s toolbox. This is a great trick that can be pulled out at a moments notice and is a great way to impress. It is comm... Read More »

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How to Flip Up from the Ground to a Standing Position?

Flipping from the ground to a standing position is also known as "kipping up." While it's not usually a very useful move in daily life, the kip-up has appeared time and time again in countless kung... Read More »

Who sings"Standing on Shaky Ground"?

"Standing on Shaky Ground" is a song dealing with heartbreak. It includes the line "'Cause I'm about to drown in my own tears." It was performed by Delbert McClinton, a country and blues artist fro... Read More »

How to Teach Your Horse to Back up from the Ground?

Teaching your horse to back away from you on the ground is a very basic exercise that is very essential in gaining your horse's respect. In a herd of horses, the lead horse has his personal space t... Read More »

If your 54-inch above-ground pool was buried 2 to 3 feet in ground should you back fill with dirt or gravel?

Answer We have a 52"deep 24'round above ground pool that is sunk about 1'deep. The installer, a man with 30+ years experience with these pools, said to always use sand, or at least clean dirt. Th... Read More »