How to Do a Single Leg Takedown?

Answer Most people do not like to get hurt and while the stand-up game might be fun, it is easier to submit someone on the ground. Most fighters do not go on the ground by themselves, that is when you nee... Read More »

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How to Do a Double Leg Takedown?

This is an efficient and very used martial art technique to take an opponent down. It is twice more lethal than its little brother the single leg takedown. Masculine is used in generic terms; it re... Read More »

How to Do an Aei Soko Mai Taiku (Grapple Takedown)?

Mai taiku is a self defence type made by me at home. It is very effective and can give you power over someone in a fight

How to Perform a Double Leg Trip Takedown in Wrestling?

Wrestling is an awesome sport.This move will help you change up your routine, and hopefully win a few matches.

Why do people say 'You should've kept your legs shut!' to women/single mothers, but not to men/single fathers?

When I was growing up my Father told me not to do anything that I couldn't do in front of my mother. During my Junior year in High School he told me that when dating one of us had to keep our pant... Read More »