How to Do a Shooting Star Press on a Trampoline?

Answer One of the pro-wrestling moves, the shooting star press, can be done on a trampoline.

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How to Do the Shooting Star Press?

So you want to learn how to properly perform a shooting star press? Read on!

How fast does a shooting star travel?

A shooting star is also known as a meteorite (the term used to describe debris that has entered the Earth's atmosphere). The average speed of a meteorite is around 62 mph with a maximum recorded sp... Read More »

How to Make a Shooting Star in Your Room?

This is great for a little kids room. It makes them happy, and it's cool at the same time.

How to Make a Shooting Star Dragon Deck?

The Shooting Star Dragon is a fantastic card with lethal abilities and great stats. If only he could be summoned easily. Well the truth is, he is, if the deck is made right.