How to Do a Screen Shot on a Gateway Laptop?

Answer There may be some occasions when you would like to take a screen shot on your Gateway laptop. Taking screen shots is sometimes useful when troubleshooting errors on your computer. In other cases, y... Read More »

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How do I change a Gateway laptop LCD screen?

PreparationUnplug the computer and take out the battery. Remove the small plugs that cover the screws on the front of the screen with a small flat-head screwdriver. Put them in a safe place as they... Read More »

How to Remove the Screen of a Gateway Laptop Notebook?

The LCD screen on your Gateway laptop is one of the most sensitive components on the entire computer. And because it's exposed much of the time it can be prone to damage or scratches. If the LCD sc... Read More »

How do I Undock a Gateway Laptop PC With an on Screen Keyboard?

Docking is a process in which your Gateway laptop interfaces with a larger server or more powerful computer. If you have a Gateway tablet notebook, you can undock the laptop even if you use an on-s... Read More »

How to take a screen shot on my laptop?

On my laptop, it's the "FN" key and "Print screen" at the same time.It's different on my desktop. Try "SHIFT" and "Print Screen" at the same time. Also, "ALT" and "SHIFT" and "Print Screen" at th... Read More »