How to Do a Science Project That Involves Soda?

Answer People love to drink all different kinds of soda. Some common questions that arise about soda are: What makes the fizz in soda? Does drinking soda rot the teeth? Can a person use soda to clean a ca... Read More »

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Soda Tasting Science Project?

An often stark line can be drawn between those who prefer Coke or Pepsi. Some people could care less which will refresh them; others love one and claim they can't stand the other. A fun science exp... Read More »

Science Fair Project on the Effect of Soda on the Body?

Soda may be a tasty treat, but many people never think about how damaging that sweet, bubbly beverage can be to the human body. By conducting a science fair project that examines the effects of sod... Read More »

How Would You Find Out Which Soda Has More Carbon Dioxide in a Science Project?

There are ways of determining which soda has the most carbon dioxide that don't include tasting all your favorite sodas, although if you want to work in some scientific taste testing, go right ahea... Read More »

Science Project: How to Rust a Penny in Soda or Orange Juice?

Rust occurs when certain types of metal degrade and corrode. A science experiment that demonstrates this phenomenon involves soaking pennies in certain liquids for an extended period of time. If yo... Read More »