How to Do a Roundoff Back Handspring?

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How to Do a Roundoff Back Handspring for Cheerleading?

Have you ever seen cheerleaders do a back handspring and you thought "oh i couldn't do that"! well now you can. Here are some steps, tips, and more to be great at your back handspring.

How to Do a Roundoff Back Tuck?

A roundoff back tuck is very advanced. Here are some instructions to perform it. Note that it does require gymnastics skills to even consider attempting the roundoff back tuck.

How to Do Roundoff Double Back Handsprings?

A roundoff double backhandspring takes time to learn and perfect. You will need to be calm and ready, and have patience while learning this complex gymnastics move. This article will give you a goo... Read More »

How to Arch Your Back While Doing a Back Handspring?

Arching your back is the key to doing a back handspring. If you fail to arch your back, you could seriously injure your joints and possibly pull or tear a muscle. It's also essential that you arch ... Read More »