How to Do a "Rock and Roll" on a Skateboard?

Answer Aha, the "Rock and Roll"First, you need to know how to do a "Rock to Fakie". If you can`t do that yet, well, go and learn it!

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How to Do a Rock N Roll on a Skateboard?

This trick is a basic lip trick that every boarder should know. It is very easy to learn.

How to Do a 180 Pivot Rock to Fakie on a Skateboard?

hi! If you do or do not know how to rock to fakie read this because this article teaches you to rock to fakie and then add a pivot to this cool trick!

How to Do a Rock to Fakie/Board Stall on a Skateboard(Vert)?

The rock to fakie is the first trick you need to learn on the halfpipe, the board stall being a more advanced version of this.

How to Rock and Roll?

A lot of people take interest in being a rock musician/star. The term rock star does not mean to be a good musician, it just means that you are very popular and you want to get wasted and all of th... Read More »