How to Do a Rimstroke in Drumming?

Answer A rimstroke or "shot" on a drum can be very easy to do but takes some practice to perfect.

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How to Begin Drumming?

There are some great drummers in the world, and you could become one with practice and dedication! This is an easy way to begin playing without actually using drums.

How to Not Be a Poser when Drumming?

Think you can play drums? Think you can play drums without people saying you suck? Well here's how to play without looking like a poser.

Can drumming damage the ears?

Hearing damage can be caused by many factors, including exposure to high sound-pressure levels (SPL). Playing or listening to drums at close range exposes your ears to sounds exceeding 125 dB SPL, ... Read More »

Jiggling boobs and drumming...?

Maybe try one bra size down? It should help compress what you have.