How to Do a Rikki Flip on a Tech Deck Skateboard?

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Instructions on How to Build a Tech Deck Skateboard?

Just as skateboarders build and decorate their decks from basic components, you can build your own Tech Deck skateboard using the same methods. Think of a Tech Deck as a miniature version of a skat... Read More »

How to 360 Flip on a Tech Deck?

A flip is any skateboard trick that has the board flip 360 ° (degrees) in the air. The plain 360° flip is a basic maneuver for many other tricks, and also useful for avoiding obstacles, like jump... Read More »

How to Gazelle Flip on a Tech Deck?

Hello, Have you ever wanted to do a Gazelle Flip on a Fingerboard/Tech Deck. Well just read and learn!

How to Pressure Flip on a Tech Deck?

A pressure flip is where you add pressure to the board. You do a flip with all the combined pressure.